Mad in China

Did you just decide to start sourcing your product overseas? Perhaps you’ve been at it for some time but you are not happy with your current sourcing agent(s) in China. Or maybe your current team is struggling to provide you with all the auxiliary services needed to execute your vision and act in your best interest.

Fortunately, you are in the right place! We are Mad in China. We offer 20+ years of expertise in international sourcing, manufacturing, production management, and logistics. Our domestic office is located near Chicago, & our international office is located in China.

Mad in China has been successfully sourcing, producing, importing, & exporting thousands of products for our own gift, home decor and fashion line since 2001. The founder lived and worked in Asia for 10 years. He currently travels there 3-4 times per year to assist the international team. Our trusted staff has worked with for us for over a decade. We also own & operate our own warehouse and office facility for our products to be safely housed and picked up for international shipments.

We can help you:
+Source the products you need to grow your business
+Offer expert travel navigation, daily market guidance, translation, & price negotiation
+Deal with foreign currency exchange & transfer safely
+Work with multiple factories & locations at the same time
+Pivot around language barriers successfully
+Avoid overpaying for product & services
+Generate samples as needed
+Execute production protocol
+Ensure quality control
+Shoot amazing product photography
+Create product labels and Hangtags (SKU, UPC, logo, size, care/content, you name it)
+Source print, packaging, & display needs
+Import/export logistics from China to the US

As a small business owner, sourcing products and production facilities overseas can be a daunting task. Believe us when we tell you we have made all of the mistakes. We want you to learn from our experiences and get on a successful track to launch your business.

Specialties: International Sourcing, Supply Management, Purchase Order Placement, Production Management, Quality Control, Import, Export, project management, and sourcing overseas