Mad Brand Management

Mad Brand Management
US Logistics

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We are here when you are ready! 

  • Warehousing

  • Pick and Pack Expertise

  • World Class Customer Service

  • Sales Team Management (upwards to 120)

  • Product Development

  • Product Sourcing 

  • Importing and Exporting

  • Marketing Management

  • Showroom & Trade Show Management

  • Cost of Goods Management

  • Key Account Management

  • Budgeting Expertise

Whether you are looking to expand your business internationally into the US, considering the advantages of moving your operations to a 3PL or looking to rescue your business from your current 3PL, we would love to have a discussion with you.

What we offer is true authenticity, a genuine interest in your brand, product and customers.

Partner  Pricing  Structure*

Warehousing | Pick and Pack

  • 8% to 10% of sales
  • Packing supplies and shipping costs additional

Warehousing | Pick and Pack | Customer Service

  • 12% to 15% of sales
  • Packing supplies and shipping costs additional

(*base fee may apply)



Sales Rep Management

  • 5% of sales

Website development and monthly management/maintenance

  • $3,000 set up / 250 per month maintenance fee

Tradeshow Circuit Management

  • Pricing based on needs
  • Partner to cover all the expenses for booth | showroom, marketing, travel

Social Media Platform Development and Management

  • Pricing based on needs

Photography (China or US)

  • Pricing based on needs

Catalog printing (China or US)

  • Pricing based on needs

Accounting / Software

  • Pricing based on needs

Annual Tax Returns

  • Pricing based on needs

Direct to Consumer Marketplace

  • Pricing based on needs

B2B Marketing Opportunities

  • Pricing based on needs


We are not a fulfillment company in the true meaning of the word.  We are very good warehouse managers and operators for our own brands and are looking for opportunities to increase our value and grow in a related channel of business.


Over the last 16 years – we have built, controlled and improved on the warehouse management of our own brands. Several years ago, we turned our brand and product over to two different “fulfillment” companies that were supposed to be the “Experts” and could do it all better than we could – with the idea of it allowing us to focus on driving sales and product development, while reducing costs.


We painfully rescued our brands and product from both of those “expert” companies and we lived through all the pain points! The first one we pulled out of after a year and the second after only 8 months. They didn’t care enough about our products, brands or customers, nor take the time to learn the nuances of our business. They didn’t come close to the care and diligence that we put into shipping our products to our customers. We were simply a widget to them! Another box of stuff to fill a billable pick location and pallet space. Our product, our brand is not a widget at all – it’s our passion, our family’s livelihood and I am sure you feel the same way about your product and your brand.


Our company is grounded in the gift industry in the US. We have strong relationship with hundreds of sales reps and the best rep groups across the country. We know the trade show circuit and the marketplace. We have thousands of customers, from the biggest to the smallest – covering both B2B and B2C - and we ship to them daily. 


A bit over 2 years ago, we decided to expand our men’s brand into Australia. We quickly realized that there are many great AU gift brands that could do amazingly well in the United States, but could use some help to get there and sort it all out. Australian brands are becoming increasingly popular in the US and we know that with our 16 years and overall expertise in the industry, we could help a select few and help bridge the gap in bringing their product and brands to the U.S. 


While we are happy to explore a basic warehousing and order shipping relationship, we can offer much more for companies with the right products and fit. 


Your product is NOT A WIDGET to us!


US Contact Info: 

Douglas Stein
1.872.829.2723 ext. 105

Seth Duncan
1.872.829.2723 ext. 108